Vsett 10+
Vsett 10+
Vsett 10+
Vsett 10+

Vsett 10+

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Enjoy the host of innovations featured on this next-gen e-scooter from VSETT

  • Dual 1400w motors
  • Switch between Dual mode and Sports mode
  • Max range up to 185 kilometers
  • Front spring suspension, rear hydraulic suspension
  • Front LED spotlight, rear brake light, front and rear turn signals
  • Easy 2 step folding ability
  • IP54 Water Resistant


    VSETT 10+ is not for the faint hearted, its the evolution of electric scooters delivering blistering performance and stability with effortless power. 

    At first sight the VSETT 10+ colour palette of black and yellow screams power. This model is heavier than the earlier editions but that is for good reason. The dual 1400W motors with both front and rear suspension means this machine can reach high speeds, perform jumps and rip through varying terrains with absolute ease. But that’s not all, the VSETT 10+ has the ability to switch between 2 modes : Dual mode and Sport mode so you can personalise the way you ride as you wish. Continued on this model is the unique stem locking mechanism which eliminates all stem wobble so even on rough terrains or high speeds riders are more confident and stable. They have really thought of everything.

    The VSETT 10+ is a great high-end luxury scooter for performance seekers.



    Battery 60V 20.8 AH (LG)

    Baterry 60V 25.6 AH (LG) 

    Battery 60V 28.0 AH (LG)

    10” * 3” Tyres 

    Front & rear pneumatic

    Front and rear hydraulic brakes

    Charging time

    5 – 10 hr / 6 – 12. 5 hr

    / 7 – 14 hr

    Max Range

    Single Motor 130KM / 160KM / 185KM

    Dual Motor 65KM / 80KM / 90KM

    Restricted Under Australian Law:25KPH

    Dual Mode: 65-70KMH

    Private Property Use Only*

    Sport Mode: 75-80KMHamp;

    Private Property Use Only*


    Motor Power 60V, 2 x

    1400W Controller 60 volt

    (30 – 35 A) * 2


    Weight 36 kg

    Front Spring Suspension, Rear

    Hydraulic suspension

    Front spotlight, rear brake light, front and rear turn signal + LED light


    Max User Weight

    130 kg




    Vsett 10+
    Vsett 10+