Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+

Vsett 9+

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Enjoy the host of innovations featured on this next-gen e-scooter from VSETT

  • Dual 650w motors
  • 48-53 KMH cruising ability
  • 48V LG battery with ample range
  • Slim handlebar design with triple lock mechanism
  • Front spotlight, rear brake light, front and rear turn signals
  • Easy 2 step folding ability
  • IP54 Water Resistant



The new VSETT 9+ electric scooter is the new compact super-scooter that is expertly designed for real world use. 

Experience the freedom and advanced performance VSETT 9+ offers with its incredible dual motors making it the perfect all-purpose electric scooter for the everyday rider. The bundle of innovative features makes riders feel confident to ride fast, safe, and experience comfortable travels without any compromises. Say goodbye to wobbly handlebars, the VSETT 9+ features a slim handlebar design that is secured by a triple locking stem so riding feels safe and comfortable. They have thought of everything even down to the foldable stem and lightweight design, also storing and transporting the VSETT 9+ scooter is simple and easy.

Experience the added power of the dual motor now.




48V 15.6 AH (LG)

48V 19.2 AH (LG)

48V 21.0 AH (LG)

8.5” * 3” Tyres

-Front & rear pneumatic

Front and rear disc


Charging time

5 – 11.5 hr / 6.5 – 13.0

hr / 7 – 14 hr

Max Range

Single Motor: 70KM / 90KM / 100KM

Dual Motor: 40KM / 50KM / 55KM

25KPH - Restricted Under
Australian Law

48-50 KMH - Private Property
Use Only*


Motor Power 48V, 2 x

650W Controller 48volt

(23 A) * 2


Weight 25 kg

Suspension - Front and rear adjustable shock absorption


Front spotlight, rear brake lights and front and rear turn signals


Max User Weight

80 kg



Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+